Between the Sheets: Create a Deeper Romance with the Romance Beat Sheet" />

Between the Sheets: Create a Deeper Romance with the Romance Beat Sheet

Between the Sheets: Create a Deeper Romance with the Romance Beat Sheet

Thousands of New York Times bestselling authors and newbie writers alike credit Jami Gold’s worksheets for getting their stories into shape. In fact, Jami’s Romance Beat Sheet has been downloaded over 60,000 times!

Why is the Romance Beat Sheet so popular?

Romances are complicated—more complicated than other genres. Romance stories include multiple protagonists, an external plot arc, two (or more) internal character arcs, and a romance arc (the growth of the relationship over the course of the story). The Romance Beat Sheet can bring those elements together and help us develop our romance arc on a deeper level.

But how do we use the Romance Beat Sheet?

This workshop by Jami Gold covers all aspects of how to use her worksheet, from explaining the basics to exploring how to intertwine our plot and character arcs with our romance arc. By understanding romance-specific story structure and beats, we can improve our storytelling—whether we plot our stories in advance or write by the seat of our pants.

By the end of this class, students at all skill levels will know how to use the Romance Beat Sheet to create stronger stories with deeper romance arcs. Attendees will also receive a detailed handout with more information.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to story arcs, beats, 3-act structure, and terminology
  • Introduction to beat sheets
  • Understanding the elements that make up our characters’ arcs
  • Exploring how the plot and character arcs affect our story’s romance arc
  • Digging into the Romance Beat Sheet—with examples:
    • What should happen at each beat?
    • What do the questions on the Romance Beat Sheet mean?
    • How do plot events affect the romance arc?
    • How can we make our character arcs more compelling in a romance?
    • How can we make our romance arc deeper?
  • The handout also covers other ways we can use any beat sheet, whether we plot, write by the seat of our pants, use Scrivener for drafting, or need to develop a query/blurb or synopsis of our story

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Class Details:

This OnDemand workshop includes a recorded webinar and an extensive handout:

  • The recorded webinar runs over 2 hours and is viewable on your schedule, right from your internet browser (best viewed in Firefox or Chrome). Watch the presentation as many times as you want. The presentation is fully bookmarked so you can jump to the section of the recording you need when you have questions.
  • The 42-page handout—essentially a how to develop a romance story ebook—covers all the topics listed above in detail, including countless tips on romance-specific story structure, beat sheets, and character arcs. The handout is designed to help writers of all skill levels learn the structure of romance stories from the ground up.


Despite her love of story structure, Jami Gold doesn’t plot her stories in advance—not even the book that won the National Readers’ Choice Award. A popular blogger (named one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers), Jami has an eclectic background beyond writing that also includes teaching and public speaking.

100% of survey respondents agree: They’d take another of Jami’s classes and would recommend her workshops to their friends. Click here to read comments from Jami’s previous students.

Comments from Some of Her Previous “Between the Sheets” Students:

“Very well done, easy to follow, and very comprehensive. The workshop makes the beat sheet a much more valuable tool.” — Michelle Cornish

“Great information, Jami. This workshop has been even more valuable than I thought it would be.” — Sherry Rector

“I’m having a lot of Eureka! moments.” — Beabe Thompson

“You’ve cleared up so much for me. Now I have so much so much to think about. Thank you so much!” — Pat Leo

See more comments from Jami’s previous students.

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Note: If story structure and beats are a completely new concept for you, Jami’s Beat Sheet Basics: Know Your Story’s Structure workshop can ensure you’re up to speed before taking this class. However, this workshop does include a brief overview of plot beats and structures, so it might be possible for beginners to skip straight to this Between the Sheets class instead. Contact Jami if you have concerns.